Eat…Meditate…Realize Some Important *ISH

Posted February 21, 2012  /   By Tiffany  /  0 Comments

…that would be the title of my trip through Southeast Asia. The first part of my trip was definitely about eating — off the 4 countries that I visited, Thailand had the best food in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong – Vietnamese food is good, and granted – I didn’t stay long in Cambodia …

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Post-Trip: Traveling Lessons Learned

Posted January 31, 2012  /   By Tiffany  /  2 Comments

From December 12th, 2011 to Janaury 12th, 2012 — I traveled from San Francisco to Vietnam, to Thailand, to Cambodia, to Laos, and then back to Vietnam and back home again. I have to say that no words can really describe how much I fcking loved traveling and enjoyed this trip. It wasn’t like I …

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Cambodia Today – And A Bit of History

Posted January 15, 2012  /   By Tiffany  /  0 Comments

Much of my time during the trip was spent with Try. Unlike my other trips where I bounce from place to place meeting different people, Try was my travel companion for the entire trip. As he told Darrel, he made sure to give me “the comfortable service” during my stay in Siem Reap. I learned …

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The Temples of Angkor and a House Party – Day 2

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On New Years Day, I spent the morning going back to the temples – this time, to the famous “lady temple” of Bantrey Sray. I found out that it’s not really a temple honoring women – after all, it has a huge linga (phallic symbol) at the heart of the temple – but because they …

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Cambodia: The Temples of Angkor and NYE

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My trip to Cambodia was the first and only border crossing that I did on foot. After a 4-hour bus ride that included a loud group that having a family reunion throughout Southeast Asia (I stereotyped them as LA Persians in my head until I asked them and found out that they were indeed from …

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Traveling Bolo: The Challenges

Posted January 5, 2012  /   By Tiffany  /  0 Comments

So far, travel from Vietnam to Thailand has been pretty smooth. I’ve asked around and have gotten decent advice from a lot of people. Google is also my friend; I have spent many, many hours at the beginning of my trip trying to figure out how to get from Bangkok, Thailand to Siem Reap, Cambodia …

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